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Quality, Function, Innovation

For decades, KMC has stood for top-of-the line products which make the mark by virtue of our excellent quality, optimal functionality and sophisticated design. Thanks to modern technologies, ongoing cutting-edge product development and consistently high "Made in India" quality, KMC has become an internationally market-leading manufacturer of products for the modern kitchen.We put passion and know-how into our unceasing efforts to make cooking and preparing food easier, more appealing and healthier all the time. Design is an integral component of KMC’s entrepreneurial philosophy. In collaboration with internationally renowned designers, KMC constantly develops high-quality, unique products which integrate form and functionally - in tune with the times but made to last. Every-day products with that special touch - this is what KMC products are all about.

With KMC products, cooking and preparing foods means more adventure, more quality of life, more wellness and more dinging pleasure.

KMC - Made in India

The label Made in India has a global reputation for quality, reliability, perfect craftsmanship and safety. Our premium products are manufactured at our Indian location in Coimbatore. This is an uncompromising pledge to the quality standards and unrivalled strengths of India as an industrial location.

Fads and trends which dictate common notions about how to equip kitchens do not determine the purchase of high-end cookware, quality and reliability do. At KMC, people with sophisticated technical competence devote themselves to the manufacture of individual product lines. From the first step down to the last, each item is manufactured by highly qualified and experienced employees who identify highly with their work and stand behind the brand name with conviction. In times where much is left to chance, KMC manufactures unique, high-quality products with exceptional functionality and exclusive aesthetics. Products which convey inherent stability - quality from the label, Made in India.

With production in India, and the efficient decision-making paths and quick response processes which this industrial location allows for, we guarantee our customers an extremely high degree of flexibility, reliability and efficiency in regard to decisive competitive factors such as logistics and customer services.

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